Custom Fitting in 48 H. ONLY

what is Custom Fitting? 
CUSTOM FITTING is the fitting of the golf-clubs to the geometry of the human body as well as to the individual swing of a person.

Why is Custom Fitting so important?

Every golfer is unique – like his signature. They are different in height, they have differing swing levels and swing speeds, the size of their hands is different etc….. So, the same golf-club cannot be right for every golfer. That’s why we have to adapt the equipment to the individual golfer. Our custom-fit golf-clubs will procure more success, fun and comfort for the player.

Selection Custtom Fitting Clubs

How long does Custom Fitting take?
In general, to fit a club does not take longer than an hour, but this can vary. As soon as we have all data we can produce a perfectly fitted club set within 48 hours. As our production site is in Mondsee/ Austria and our team has profound know-how we can offer this service to our customers.


Custom Fitting in five steps

to choose the adequate clubs for your skills and playing ability
- height
- distance from wrist to floor
by means of Flight-Scope, an electronic shot analyzer
- quality of the shaft
- Flex
- Kick-point
- Torque
- Grip diameter from S to XL
- Choosing the right lofts and lies
- Choosing the right swing weight

Provided we get the correct information we can fit the clubs exactly and produce them to the individual needs of the golfer.

„You can count on us. We want to support your sales and offer you our high quality and efficient CUSTOM FITTING service , which helps every golfer to improve his handicap drastically. Where else can you find such a fast service - within 48 hours - Only at KOMPERDELL“




Schaft Fitting

Shafts are one of the most important components in club construction. In order to be able to directly influence their processing we apply our long-term know-how of developing and engineering ski- and trekking poles.

- different lengths
- varying stiffness of flex
- the variation of the kick-point considering the angle of the trajectoryl

  • Kick-point

Shaft Puring

with US Puring system licence No shaft is perfect - Puring means:
– the shaft is balanced perfectly
– the best line for bending is found

We are licencee of SST Puring system USA. Shafts of drivers can be perfectly balanced to achieve the best possible performance – optional at surcharge.

Club Tuning

The golfer’s height determines the angle between his hands and the club. If it is individually adapted you have the basis for optimal direction and trajectory of the golf-ball.

Loft Fitting
adapting the angle of the club-face
which determines the trajectory and finally the distance of the ball

Lie Fitting
adapting the club-head to the club length influences the direction of your swing

Swing Weight
adapting the club-head weight improves your swing-dynamics and affects the length of your strokes.

Grip Fitting

Choosing the right grip – in the correct size for you – optimizes your feel for the club.

Choosing the right grip

Individual Fitting

Our high-performance team can fit your clubs within 48 hours. The clubs are assembled and fitted individually – maintaining KOMPERDELL’S high quality standards.

We custom fit the complete club:
Loft and Lie

Done by our 48-hours Custom Fitting Service
We are proud to be one of the world’s most successful sporting-goods manufacturers.

Our development department cooperates permanently with top-athletes, from them we get the important feedback on the performance of our clubs. Their professional advice supports our efforts to improve the equipment.
Our golf-team - young and ambitious staff-members - contributes to our success. Their love for the sport and their commitment help us to reach our goal – make the impossible come true.

Putter Fitting powered by ZENIO

The revolutionary ZENIO system delivers computer aided test results concerning your putting stroke. The tool measures the hit at sweet-spot. .

The ZENIO putting trainer helps you to achieve the best possible stability concerning
- the moment of impact
- the rhythmus
- rotation of the putter-head
Do the same as the professionals on the Tour - enjoy a successful game with a custom-fit putter.
You can buy the ZENIO system from Komperdell. POA