FAQ - Frequently asked questions KOMPERDELL Golf

How do I store my battery?

The battery should be stored at +10° to +30° centigrade and 100% dry and frost-free.
The battery should be stored fully charged. If you do not user your e-caddy charge the battery at least once in 6 weeks for 3 – 4 hours.
Though it retains its full capacity. The battery should never be stored in a discharged condition.

Can I upgrade my E-Caddy with a Lithium battery?

Yes it is possible, for an extra charge. In addition, you also need a special charger, which we will offer separately.

Is it possible to change the axes on my E-Caddy?

This is at cost possible at cost price and will be effected in our headquarters in Mondsee/Austria.

How can I clean my E-Caddy?

Cleaning should only be done by using an air pistol or a damp cloth – never use a hosepipe or water. ATTENTION - DO NOT pour water over the trolley or the electronics! The surface of the E-Caddies is easy to clean up with a smooth damp cloth. Please do not use rough sponges, steel wool, sprays or polishes to protect the coating of the caddy from damages.

What is Custom Fitting?

CUSTOM FITTING is the fitting of the golf-clubs to the geometry of the human body as well as to the individual swing of a person. Every golfer is unique, like his signature. They are different in height, they have differing swing levels and swing speeds, the size of their hands is different and so on… The same golf-club cannot be right for every golfer - That’s why we have to adapt the equipment to the individual golfer. Our custom-fit golf-clubs will procure more success, fun and comfort for the player.

What does Custom Fitting cost at Komperdell?

At Komperdell the adjusting of the golf clubs is free of charge.

If you have any questions left please contact:

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